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Owner/Creator of Crown Connection Extensions

Hair Growth and Extension Specialist

2017 and 2018 ABA Presenter (Edmonton, AB and Toronto, ON)

Over a Decade of Professional Extensions Mastery

I am not someone who went into this business because I seek notability, fame or a following. I was attracted to the hair industry because I get to make people feel good!  I feel blessed to assist people in reaching their inner and outer best selves. Through hardship and poor health, I truly understand that nothing can replace the power of feeling comfortable in your own skin. No - we do not have fancy overhead or busy staging and posting on Instagram. We focus on retaining our current clients - not hunting down new victims!


“Yesterday I was clever, so I tried to change the world. Today, I am wise so I choose to change myself.”

Like most ambitious girls I had big dreams coming out of University and wanted to make a positive impact on the world. I started my career as City Planner in the Government with a goal of going into politics where I could leave my mark on the world and undo all the bad! It only took a few years of bureaucratic nonsense to crush my dreams. Around the same time, I simultaneously began to become very ill and I lost nearly all of my hair on one side of my head. My heart, my soul, my whole essence was completely broken. As I scrambled to find solutions for my problem through hours and hours of desperate study, I realized that there was a huge gap in restorative hair services and started to feel inspired by possibilities….

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