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How it started

Growing up Andrea was well known for her signature waist-length blonde hair. With nicknames like Goldilocks and Rapunzel, her hair became an integral part of her identity. Never did she think she would have to worry about losing her hair.

In 2010 after traveling to the UK with an ill-equipped electrical adaptor for her straightener, Andrea damaged her hair - her hair literally looked like she was in a house fire! Like a bad dream, she felt like she had not only lost her hair but her identity as well. She became depressed. In an attempt to preserve and grow her remaining hair, she coloured her hair black and sought out extensions for the first time in her life.

Shortly after getting her first set of extensions, Andrea became addicted to the thought of giving women the self-esteem and confidence boost that she herself had experienced with the extensions. In addition to her full-time job, she began to take on clients and quickly had a growing following due to her flawless placement and ability to create a natural look.

In 2012, her busy schedule and lifestyle had caught up with her and she would experience stressed induced alopecia where she would end up losing nearly 50% of her newly grown hair.

She started obsessively looking in the mirror, analyzing her hair and scalp. She devoted her free time to researching female hair loss causes and symptoms. Frustrated by the limitations and damaging side effects of the conventional strand-by-strand extension methods she was offering at that time (mainly fusions, micros, and tapes). She experimented and educated herself on wigs, protective styling, and alternative extension methods. Using herself as a human guinea pig Andrea (and her former business associate) tried and tested the revolutionary nano link bond.

Andrea was blown away by how well the nano link extensions blended in her newly grown short hair.  After several months of wear and maintenance, She noticed a huge improvement in her hair density and texture. Unlike other bonds, the nano links were not causing any damage and were actually acting as a protective barrier for her own hair.

From that point on she could no longer look her client’s in the eye and recommend anything other than the nano links bonds as their benefit expands well beyond just safety, reusability, and flawless blending. To date, Andrea has installed and maintained approximately 10 000 heads of hair. She has taught at several salons, beauty schools, and conventions as well as mentored other hair instructors throughout Ontario and Alberta, and the USA.

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Oakville, ON

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