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Nano Links are considered to be the safest and most undetectable method currently available. There is no glue, keratin, or adhesives used to attach the hair. Instead, a tiny seed bead is used to attach the extension to the client’s hair. The bead provides a strong and secure connection without compromising the client’s hair. The Links are exceptionally small and flexible allowing hair to move naturally with no added stress to the scalp, follicles or lengths of the hair. That means no pulling! This is extremely important for people that have thin and delicate hair. 


  • No glue, keratin bonding, or adhesives!

  • Strand by strand system ensures each extension is equally supported by your own hair (we believe in basic physics!)

  • The seed bead is easily installed and removed by simply closing and opening the bead

  • Easy to brush through the bonds with no added stress just like it is your own hair

  • Beads are 90% smaller than any other bead method available



There are a large variety of hair extensions available on the market. Extension hair can vary from synthetic to virgin/cuticle intact human hair with many stages in between.

Crown Connection Hair Extensions is known for its unparalleled hair quality, rawness, and luster. We are proud to offer 100% cuticle-intact hair that can be reused for one year or more with no tangles or matting. Cuticle-intact hair is extremely manageable and remains soft and silky throughout the time of wear. Hair is typically sourced from Eastern Europe. 

Crown Connection Hair Extensions go through extreme quality control measures including:

  • Hair is sourced from a young woman (important as hair changes as we age)

  • Each bundle of hair is from one single donor

  • Each strand is manually examined by hand. Any broken, weak or damaged hair is discarded and does not make it into the extension bundle (this makes each bundle extremely “full” from top to bottom, most extensions taper at the bottom or look thin)

  • Hair is coloured and treated over a 2 week cold- water colouring process to ensure no damage is done to the hair cuticle

  • Hair has 100% of the cuticle intact, resulting in silky long lasting hair with no breakage, drying, tangles or matting. There is no need to use heat tools unless desired. Hair can be round-brushed and will still look fresh even after several months of wear.

  • Hair can be re-used for one full year

Hair quality (sometimes referred to as grading) encompasses many factors including hair origin, remy, processing, colour, texture, length, weight, and bonding method. You can find further details about hair quality on our blog or check out our upcoming Extension Course. In order to keep our clients consistently happy we exclusively use our own brand for the reasons outlined above!



Unlike other extension methods, nano links tiny size allows them to be effectively placed higher in the crown and closer to the hairline to create a perfect blend and natural look.  No more mullets! 

In fact, when used with A Wet brush you can quickly and easily put your hair in a high ponytail without worrying about any bonds giving you away or being visible. The premium hair quality matched with our tiny nano links -  easily allows you to run your fingers through your hair just like you weren’t even wearing extensions at all. 

You can use your straightener, curling iron, and other styling tools at your liberty. You will find the hair holds its style extremely well even without styling products.

Flexible Bonds the Icing on the Cake! (Soft and Strong Bonds)

Crown Connection is currently the only company in Canada that specializes in flexible nano link bonds! We are always looking to innovate and improve our client’s experience. While metal nano links are great, they do have some downsides. Most notably, due to the hard material they cannot be placed on the scalp as they have no “give” and can cause discomfort and damage to your own hair. This means they must be placed lower which requires more frequent maintenance appointments and also decreases the natural looking “flow” that you get when attaching extensions near the scalp to mimic your own hairs' natural movement. Other issues include hair tangling around metal causing matting and breakage, injuries to your fingers or your friend’s eyes, and metal allergies.

Flexible Bonds: Soft and Strong Nano’s offer all the upside of their old metal counterpart with a couple of distinct advantages.

  • They are soft and stretchy. 

  • This allows them to be placed high on the scalp to mimic your natural hair and deliver a more natural-looking result.

  • The higher placement allows for more time to pass between maintenance appointments. Less time/ more freedom, lower costs/more money in your bank accountant!

  • No tangling around broken metal, no allergic reactions, and no finger or eye injuries!



Nano Links utilize a tiny bead installation system that is ideal for long-term reuse. This, combined with our impeccable cuticle intact hair quality, means most of our clients reuse the hair several times before purchasing new hair.

Meaning after your initial installation appointment there is no need to repurchase the hair as a whole and clients only pay for their maintenance service moving forward. Our business structure is designed to be cost-friendly and accommodate a wide variety of budgets.

At Maintenance, we remove the extensions row-by-row (to effortlessly keep cut and layering intact). We brush, re-section, and reinstall with fresh beads. It will feel like your first install after every maintenance appointment.

  • Buy Extensions Once

  • Re-use Hair Multiple Times at Maintenance Appointments

  • Save Money!

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