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Premium Quality Hair Extensions Canada
premium quality hair extensions

the best hair of your life starts here

Crown Connection is pleased to offer the newest and most innovative hair extension technology.

We are the first and only company in Canada to specialize exclusively in Non-Damaging Nano Link Extensions.


Finally, you can have the long or thick hair you have always dreamed of, without sacrificing the health of your own hair.

shockingly safe and simple hair extensions

Nano Links are considered to be the safest and most undetectable method currently available. There is no glue, keratin, or adhesives used to attach the hair. Instead, a tiny seed bead is used to attach the extension to the client’s hair. The bead provides a strong and secure connection without compromising the client’s hair.


The Links are exceptionally small and flexible allowing hair to move naturally with no added stress to the scalp, follicles or lengths of the hair. That means no pulling! This is extremely important for people that have thin and delicate hair.

safe and simple hair extensions
Non Damaging Attachment Method Hair Extension

Non Damaging Attachment Method

  • No glue, keratin bonding, or adhesives!

  • Strand by strand system ensures each extension is equally supported by your own hair (we believe in basic physics!)

  • The seed bead is easily installed and removed by simply closing and opening the bead

  • Easy to brush through the bonds with no added stress just like it is your own hair

  • Beads are 90% smaller than any other bead method available



Crown Connection is known for its unparalleled hair quality, rawness, and luster.


We are proud to offer 100% cuticle-intact hair that can be reused for one year or more with no tangles or matting. Cuticle-intact hair is extremely manageable and remains soft and silky throughout the time of wear. Hair is typically sourced from Eastern Europe.

Crown Connection Hair Extensions go through extreme quality control measures including...




Unlike other extension methods, nano links tiny size allows them to be effectively placed higher in the crown and closer to the hairline to create a perfect blend and natural look.  No more mullets! 

The premium hair quality matched with our tiny nano links -  easily allows you to run your fingers through your hair just like you weren’t even wearing extensions at all. 

Affordable and Reusable Hair Extension

Affordable and Reusable

Our strong bonds paired with impeccable hair quality, means most of our clients reuse the hair several times before purchasing new hair.

Meaning after your initial installation appointment there is no need to repurchase the hair as a whole and clients only pay for their maintenance service moving forward. Our business structure is designed to be cost-friendly and accommodate a wide variety of budgets.

At Maintenance, we remove the extensions row-by-row (to effortlessly keep cut and layering intact). We brush, re-section, and reinstall with fresh beads.

buy hair extensions

you can't buy happiness but you can buy great hair!

What to Expect

Crown Connection’s Mission


  • To improve client’s appearance, self-esteem, and overall hair health

  • To provide safe and healthy products that never compromise your own hair

  • To deliver superior quality and long-lasting products at an affordable price

Full Inventory Hair

Full Inventory

No need to pre-order or put down a deposit on your extensions. We supply several salons and providers so we always have full inventory on hand for our clients!

Full Consult & Colour Matching

Full Consult & Colour Matching

Our goal is to get you comfortable and confident in your decision. Our consultation will go over the minor details, answer your questions, and provide perfect colour matching and firm price quote.

Full Service Hair

Full Service

Our technicians are experts so you can feel re-assured that your appointment includes;

Precision placement

Safe installation & removal

Flawless colour matching

Functional cut & layering

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