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Premium Quality Hair Extensions Canada
premium quality hair extensions

the best hair of your life starts here

Crown Connection is pleased to offer the newest and most innovative hair extension technology.

We are the first and only company in Canada to specialize exclusively in Non-Damaging Nano Link Extensions.


Finally, you can have the long or thick hair you have always dreamed of, without sacrificing the health of your own hair.

shockingly safe and simple hair extensions

Nano Links are considered to be the safest and most undetectable method currently available. There is no glue, keratin, or adhesives used to attach the hair. Instead, a tiny seed bead is used to attach the extension to the client’s hair. The bead provides a strong and secure connection without compromising the client’s hair.


The Links are exceptionally small and flexible allowing hair to move naturally with no added stress to the scalp, follicles or lengths of the hair. That means no pulling! This is extremely important for people that have thin and delicate hair.